Saturday, July 31, 2010

Major (R) Ramli Mohd Ali, RAMD

Company ~ Hang Tuah, Abdul Rahman
Current Employment ~ Managing a Security Firm in Ipoh

Update 22nd May 2011 ~ Found his Facebook account , nickname 'Waris Bentan' :D

Col Abdul Halim Othman RJLJD

Company ~ Hang Tuah, Abdul Rahman
Current Employment ~ Army JLJD

Update - Promotion  to Maj Gen, 11th Apr 2017

Lt Col (R) Zahari Jamaludin RMAF

Company ~ Hang Jebat, Alam Shah
Current Employment ~ Unknown

While holding the appointment of SO 1 Procurement. Photo dated 24th Jan 2007

Friday, July 30, 2010

Maj (R) Mohd Khaidzir Sapie RMAF

 Company ~ Hang Jebat, Alam Shah
 Current Employment ~ Pensioner

Capt Tengku Adli Shah

Tengku Adli, 2nd from right
Company - Hang Tuah, Abdul Rahman
Current Employment - MAS Pilot

Facebook Account here

Capt Hasan Zahari RMAF

Company - Syed Putra
Current Employment - Weststar Aviation Sdn Bhd, Pilot

Hmmmm   ... "Thrilla in Manila" comes to mind :D, Smart fellow

Brig Jen Dato' Amir Hashim TUDM

Company - Hang Tuah, Abdul Rahman
Current Employment - Komandan, Akademi Latihan Ketenteraan,UPNM

Updated : 13/6/13 -  Promoted to Maj Gen effective 5th June 2013

Maj (R) Abdul Rahman Teoh Abdullah, RRD

Company -Abdul Rahman (updated/corrected 15th Oct 2010)
Current Employment - Self employed(kot?)

Facebook Account here

Updated 15th Oct 2010 - 22:30 (Presumably from our skot himself :D )

Begin Quote
komando said...
hoi me tuah company lah how can you make me cry.... tu lah I became Abdul Rahman Teoh RAHMAN COMPANY at RMC self employed - trainer for anything under the sun can train trainers also!
End Quote

Capt (R) Subit Chuan RMAF

Company - Hang Tuah, Abdul Rahman
Current Employment - MAS Pilot, a short stinct previously with DCA(?)

Captain Haja Najimudeen

Company  - Alam Shah, Hang Jebat
Current Employment - MAS pilot , B777-200 since 1990

Facebook Account here

Colonel Mutalib Abdul Wahab RMAF

Update - Promoted to Lt Gen 30th Oct 2015
Update - Promoted to Maj Gen 4th Feb 2015
Update - Promoted to Brig Gen 5th Sept 2011
Company ~ Hang Kasturi, Syed Putra
Current Employment ~ RMAF, Fomerly Head of PULATIBANG SATU (2007 - 2008?) and currently CO of TUDM Labuan,  into his 2nd year this year. Take a peek at RMAF Orbat.

Da Main Man piloting C130

Big Daddy with da boys in PULATIBANG 1 (?)
Chill babeh, nice lookin' shades.... With the PC 7 that he crash landed in a Padi field way back in 2008. I was made to understand it was the same aircraft that went down in UUM a year ago

Facebook Account here

Hello World ... :D

          I was going thru facebook aimlessly when i chanced upon a profile which happened to belong to an old 'squad mate', Col Abdul Mutalib Wahab RMAF. It's been many years since I last saw him in 'service'. While sifting thru his friends list, I was amazed to find another 'squad mate' whom i haven't seen since 1980 and currently working with MAS as a pilot on a B777-200 aircraft.

         Been trying to 'google' info on TJP/SSC 34 Sebatang Karah but unfortunately none was available. There used to be 'Yahoo!Groups' on 'Intake 34' managed by Major Hashim from the Army (which I unfortunately cannot recall who the 'blazes' he is hehehe..sorry dude!) but no longer up. Previously there was a website ("tripod" ?) managed by Col Ismail Manuri RMAF , but that too has been closed down. Getting disappointed in 'google' returning 'TJP/SSC' other than 'Intake 34', hence the birth of this humble blog. So if u guys from Intake 34 find this, just email me dude n c what we can do ! :D